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The four kinds of stains on Tencel fabric can be removed


   From the perspective of the use of Tencel fabrics, i […]

   From the perspective of the use of Tencel fabrics, in addition to common stains such as oil stains and lipstick stains, it may also be stained with oil drum stains, coffee stains and other special stains. Different stains have different removal methods, even if the fabric is stained with the following four stains, it can be removed. As long as the method is selected properly and some skills are used, the fabric can be kept clean for a long time:

   Tung oil stains: For such stains on Tencel fabrics, you should first soak the tung oil stains with gasoline, and then scrub with tofu residue. This method can generally remove the tung oil stains on the fabric.

   Plaster: Tencel fabric is stained with high waist, it is difficult to remove it by direct washing, but if it is washed with warm white wine, the stain can be removed relatively easily.

   Iodine stains: If you accidentally stained the Tencel fabric with iodine stains when scrubbing the wound, you can immediately rub it with flour, and the stains will usually be removed.

  Red mercury stain: The red mercury stain on the Tencel fabric can be washed off with vinegar, but you should pay attention to using white vinegar instead of rice vinegar, otherwise the color of the rice vinegar itself will be left on the fabric.

   Even if the Tencel fabric is stained with the above-mentioned very special stains, as long as the above-mentioned method is followed, it can be effectively removed.

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