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Choosing The Best Jacket Fabric


Jackets are a classic clothing staple and many people i […]

Jackets are a classic clothing staple and many people invest a great deal of time in choosing the right jacket material. While it's true that there are some truly unique jackets out there, most regular materials will do in the cold or wet weather. A good rule of thumb is that the heavier the jacket, the more likely it will be to keep you warm in moderate temperatures. For example, if you are frequently out and about in the snow, then investing in a heavy duty fleece jacket may be the best option.

Some will better suit certain weather conditions and outdoor activities, while others may surprise you with their versatility. But as long as your jacket fabric category matches up with your most common outdoors activity, you've probably found the right jacket for you. Jackets come in a wide variety of fabrics. Most common types of jacket fabrics are discussed here. Be sure to check out some labels when shopping because not all fabrics are rated for extreme cold and wet environments. Always check the label before purchasing a jacket and don't forget to bring an umbrella!

Fleece Jackets - One of the most popular fabrics out there, fleece jackets offer high levels of warmth and protection against the elements. The main benefit of this type of jacket fabric is the breathability factor. Due to the breathable nature of the fabric, moisture will be able to wick away from your skin to keep you warm. This makes them ideal for cool-weather camping or other activities where your body has to be kept dry.

Polyester - A common fabric choice for men's apparel, polyester is also a popular choice in women's apparel. Polyester is durable and lightweight fabric that's ideal for many types of jackets. Although polyester jackets are generally thicker than cotton, they are typically less bulky and have less weight than other types of jackets. Polyester is also great for layering because the fabric's texture is very smooth and doesn't bunch up in any manner.

Microfiber - A newer type of jacket fabric, microfiber is made from natural fibers such as cashmere. They are much more expensive and can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, however, their high level of comfort and durability makes them worth the cost. Similar to polyester, microfiber is also highly breathable, which helps to keep the body cool. They are often used in layering and winter coats due to their insulating properties.

Denim Jackets - Denim is a classic and extremely versatile type of fabric. Originally developed as heavy, hard-wearing clothing for soldiers, these jackets have since evolved into fashionable layering pieces. Like many of the other jackets described here, denims are available in a variety of colors and styles. Denim jackets are typically constructed out of one of two different types of fibers: nylon or denier polyester. Denim is a very durable fabric that is popular among men of all ages for a variety of reasons.

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