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Lightweight, Waterproof, and Stretchy


Lightweight, Waterproof, and Stretchy The latest jacket […]

Lightweight, Waterproof, and Stretchy

The latest jacket on the market for ultralight backpackers is the 70d Four-way Stretch Fabric. A light-weight, waterproof jacket intended for everyday use, this jacket is made of a high-tech stretch weave fabric that provides superior performance with a lightweight feel. The stretchy fabric makes it easy to move the jacket over your body, and the jacket is great at removing moisture from your skin and dispersing it over the entire surface. It is incredibly light in weight, which accounts for its ability to be easily carried on your back.

When you first put the 70d Stretch Fabric on, you immediately notice its unique fabric design. The garment is stretchy, lightweight, and most importantly, it stays put. You move and stretch the garment, it holds and supports the shape of your body without it getting stretched out of shape. This keeps you cool, comfortable, and keeps you protected against all kinds of inclement weather. It is breathable and soft to the touch, yet amazingly durable and strong, able to stand up against any kind of abuse.

For those looking for a great everyday jacket, the 70d Four-way Stretch Fabric is ideal. Its light weight and waterproof qualities allow it to be worn as a regular jacket throughout the day, with the potential for further wear after the outing is over. And because the jacket has such a great variety of colors and prints, you can have fun mixing and matching with friends and family. For those who are interested in taking more of a fitness-friendly approach, there are also options with the jacket's optional waist belt. It's great for keeping those waist bands in place while you work out and is an excellent way to minimize the bulge in the gut when you sweat.

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