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What Is Stretch Fabric?


What Is Stretch Fabric? Stretch Fabric is a fabric that […]

What Is Stretch Fabric?

Stretch Fabric is a fabric that has the capability to stretch without causing any harm. It's made up of a combination of stretchable fibers like Lycra, nylon, spandex, and spandex (referred to collectively as spandex) that have been chemically bonded together. In its most basic form, stretch fabric is simply a woven fabric with little or no stretch to it. Stretch fabric is most often used in apparel, particularly sweaters and light jackets because of the inherent comfort it provides. There are also stretchable clothes that stretch because of the manufacturing method known as 'loop stitching'.

There are a few different types of stretch fabrics out there. Some are made up of recycled polyester, which is manufactured by absorbing excess heat during the manufacturing process and rapidly turning it into a very soft type of fiber. Some are made up of new synthetic fibers (elastane) derived from petroleum. Both these fibers are very soft and can be made to be incredibly thin - as thin as an inch or less - yet extremely durable and resilient. Other stretch fabrics aren't really made of fibers at all but are produced using the 'ripstop' process - in which the fabric is pulled taut but not completely stretched.

Stretchy pants are one example of stretch fabrics. They're made with a special fabric that has tiny holes (or 'wounds') in it so that the wearer can stretch the pants to fit their body perfectly. Stretchy tops, such as shirts, and blouses are another example of this type of stretchy clothing. These types of stretch tops allow for the user to get a perfect fit and keep them from bunching up, since the top is so stretchy.

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