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Can chiffon be ironed?


  Can chiffon be ironed? How to iron chiffon? Chif […]


Can chiffon be ironed? How to iron chiffon? Chiffon can be ironed.
When ironing this kind of clothing, the temperature should not be high, and the steam volume should be controlled well. It is recommended to use some brands with more precise steam gears. Secondly, avoid getting wet. After washing, let it dry naturally and do not wring out forcefully. Perform stretching and ironing to avoid shrinkage. It is necessary to choose a garment ironing machine with anti-condensation water. It is best to bring accessories with the machine itself, which is more helpful when ironing clothes with collars.

How to iron chiffon:

You can try spray ironing with a garment steam iron, which has a relatively low temperature. If you don't want to hang it on a hanger, you can put a layer of rag on the chiffon shirt and then iron it. Whether it is hanging ironing or ironing, the temperature should be controlled well, and it should not stay on the chiffon surface for too long to prevent damage to the clothes.

Note: Silk chiffon will shrink a lot when exposed to water. Pay attention to this when ironing. At the same time, the temperature should not be too high when ironing. The silk is more delicate. Too high temperature will shorten the service life of clothing, so try to use low temperature dry ironing. As for chemical fiber chiffon, it doesn't matter, as long as it doesn't burn.

If it is still wrinkled, then external force must be used for this easily wrinkled fabric. If it is made of silk, low-temperature ironing is fine. Set the temperature of the iron to level 1 (lowest). Do not put the iron on the clothes when it is hot. Hang a little bit. If it is polyester, it will be fine if you want to iron it.

What to pay attention to when ironing chiffon:

1. Since chiffon is afraid of water, the garment ironing machine you choose must be of high quality, and it must not form condensation and wet the clothes.

2. It is recommended to buy double pole products, because the chiffon fabric is more slippery, and the material itself requires meticulous ironing. Compared with the single pole, the double pole is more stable, the clothes will not shake, and it is easier to protect the chiffon material.

3. Be sure to use ceramic irons. Traditional plastic irons are easily deformed by heat and scratch the chiffon material.

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