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Chiffon fabric cutting skills necessary in summer


  Chiffon fabric cutting skills necessary in summe […]


Chiffon fabric cutting skills necessary in summer:

1. The pre-cutting method of light and thin fabrics

Method 1: Soak the cloth in the boiled rice milk water before cutting the cloth, then spread it out to dry and iron it flat with an iron, so that the chiffon/mererized cotton treated with the rice milk water will change after drying Stiffer, easy to cut and easy to sew at the same time the size/pattern is not easy to change. Don’t forget to wash the clothes after the garment is sewn, the rice milk can be washed off, and the clothes can restore the original lightness and softness Drape.

Insufficient sizing is that silk fabrics are easy to fade. When you wash the sizing water, the silk fabrics will not be bright when they are not under water.

Method 2: Lay a layer of non-woven lining first, and then pull the cloth on it, and cut it together with the non-woven lining when cutting. Due to the rubber particles on the non-woven lining, it can effectively absorb the chiffon. Of course, there are other cut orders. Spread rough fabrics or spray water on the fabrics. The above mainly control the fabrics from deformation. When cutting, you must also pay attention to the sharpness of the scissors. They must be clean and neat when cutting. If the scissors are not good, it may cause the phenomenon of threading due to continuous yarn.

Method 3: A piece of fabric, flattened, put it on top, and then: the bead pin is positioned at each corner, the center is positioned, fixed, and then the pen is erased with water, and then draw it down. Next, Remove the beads and cut the fabric.

It is very important that the pattern of silk fabrics must be accurate; when sewing, the upper and lower threads should be adjusted evenly, the fabric should be carried lightly, and high temperature should not be used when ironing to avoid discoloration.

2. Cutting steps of chiffon fabric

1. Flatten the chiffon fabric first, it is not easy to spread the chiffon fabric evenly, so let's spread it out. If you want to fold the chiffon fabric in half to cut the double width, you can pin it along the edge of the fabric with a pin, don't need to be too dense, as long as the edge of the fabric is not too twisted to align the edges.

2. If there is a cutting plan, draw a horizontal line or place the fabric along the edge of the table so that you can know if the fabric is crooked.

3. Then, do you have a small spray bottle at home, spray a layer of water on the chiffon fabric gently and evenly, so that the chiffon fabric is easy to be evened, but do not spray too much, otherwise it will not be smoothed, this For experience, you can try a few more times.

4. Water spray is required for fabrics that are not easy to even out. Most fabrics do not need this. In addition, when laying fabrics, the upper and lower layers of cloth tend to be misaligned. For example, you can see that you have pulled the threads straight on the upper layer, and the lower layer may still be crooked and you can’t see it. Don’t hold hands or rulers for uneven areas. Go, blow with your mouth to flatten the fabric.

5. If you are patient and want to cut more accurately, you can spread the cloth and cut a single layer. The trouble is more troublesome, but it can ensure that the cloth is not crooked. For relatively inexperienced cutting novices, do this Be safe.

6. It is recommended to draw the pattern on the paper first, and then arrange the pattern on the fabric before cutting. This is much easier than drawing on the chiffon fabric directly, especially for those who want to correct the pattern. For patterned fabrics, this is the best way to do this, and after arranging the materials, draw them down and then cut them slowly, so that the threads of the fabric will not get crooked.

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