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Features of rayon


Artificial cotton is characterized by good dyeability, […]

Artificial cotton is characterized by good dyeability, high brightness and fastness, comfortable wearing, resistance to dilute alkali, and moisture absorption similar to cotton. The disadvantage is that it is not acid resistant, has poor resilience and fatigue resistance, and low wet mechanical strength. It can be spun purely or blended with chemical fibers such as polyester.

The difference between rayon and pure cotton

The appearance of rayon cloth is very similar to cotton cloth, and the method of difference is mainly as follows:

1. Finish: Artificial cotton cloth has a smooth surface, few yarn defects, no impurities, fine and smooth; while cotton shells and impurities can be seen on the surface of cotton cloth, and the finish is not as good as artificial cotton cloth.

2. Yarn count uniformity: The yarn count of rayon fabric is even, with few yarn defects; while the yarn count of pure cotton is not as uniform as rayon, especially for medium coarse cloth.

3. Hand feeling: regardless of the thickness of the rayon fabric, the hand feeling is mostly soft, while the cotton cloth has a slightly rough feel.

4. Color: The luster and color of rayon cloth are good. Compared with cotton cloth, rayon cloth is more vivid and beautiful.

5. Wrinkle: rayon cloth is easy to wrinkle. When the cloth is held by hand and spread out, there will be a lot of wrinkles, and it is not easy to recover in time. Although cotton cloth has wrinkles, it is slightly lighter than rayon.

6. Drapability: The drape of rayon is better, and the drape of cotton is not as good as that of rayon.

7. Strength: The strength of rayon cloth is lower, not as good as cotton cloth, especially in a humid environment, rayon has poor fastness. When drawing silk from the edge of the cloth, it is easier to break than cotton silk. The cotton texture is mostly thick, not as light as pure cotton linen yarn.

8. Burning: Rayon is close to the flame and burns quickly, just like when we burn plastic, there will be black smoke and curling melting. The lower the cotton content, the stronger the gel texture; the cotton is close to the flame, and will not shrink or melt. Contact with flame, it burns quickly, the flame is orange-yellow with blue smoke. Leaving the flame and continuing to burn, the burning paper will smell less ash and appear linear. The ash is soft and light gray in color, easily powdered by hand.

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