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Introduction to the characteristics of linen rayon fabric


  The characteristics of linen rayon fabric are in […]


The characteristics of linen rayon fabric are introduced. The fiber of linen is known as the "fiber queen among natural fibers" for its natural, simple, rare, natural and noble color. This is the only bundle fiber among natural fibers, and it is a pectinic beveled hole with a special structure that other fibers do not have. Australian DNSW Fiber School research information prompts: Flax contains hemicellulose that can absorb ultraviolet rays, so that ultraviolet rays cannot be irradiated to the human body, protect the skin, and have anti-magnetic and anti-radiation effects. Chinese medical experts believe that these inclined planes can timely adjust the ecological temperature environment of the human skin surface, improve the surface cell tissue of the human body, absorb nutrients and oxygen, and protect the skin's moisture and prevent skin aging. Flax fiber has the characteristics of moisture absorption, heat dissipation, breathability, antibacterial, insect-proof, anti-static, non-sticky, strong and generous, rough and natural. The linen ornaments are of good quality, beautiful and comfortable, and are getting deeper and deeper into people's consumer psychology.

Linen clothing can reduce sweating better than other clothing materials, and the water absorption speed is even several times faster than that of cotton cloth. The natural breathability, moisture absorption, refreshing and perspiration properties of linen make it a relaxing "natural air conditioner". Relevant investigations show that linen underwear can also adjust the human meridian system and endocrine system, and has a calming effect on the central nervous system. Because the fiber of flax is hollow and rich in oxygen, it prevents anaerobic bacteria from living. It has good antibacterial properties and is a good health care fabric. Flax also does not generate static electricity due to the balance of positive and negative charges, has no dust adsorption, and has the characteristic of "love to clean" very flattering. Its natural green environmental protection is quite popular among consumers!

The use of linen fabric in the hot summer makes people feel cool and can quickly discharge the heat of sweat from the skin, so that the skin can breathe smoothly without sweat sticking to the body. Its moisture-proof and mildew-proof features keep the skin from being damaged by bacteria. When the weather is cold, the heat will not be easily conducted and can keep warm.

Investigations show that linen underwear can adjust the meridian system and endocrine system of a person, thereby having a calming effect on the central nervous system; when linen is used as a bedding, the effect of heat dissipation is better than that of cotton products. Beauty and health. Not only that, because the fiber of flax is hollow and rich in oxygen, it prevents anaerobic bacteria from living, and has good antibacterial properties. It is a health care fabric.

But one of the bad characteristics of linen is that it doesn't feel good and the color is relatively single. Therefore, after many people's research, it produces the more popular cotton linen, a mixture of cotton and linen. It inherits the advantages of linen and has the characteristics of cotton. , It is softer than hemp, feels good, wicks perspiration and moisture absorption, and good cotton hemp is not easy to crease. Some customers and friends may not know enough about cotton hemp! Worry about the folds, there are actually many kinds of cotton and linen on the market! We choose fabrics, there are also high and low grades, and the amount of hemp depends on the processing technology! Some cotton and linen do not sag and crease easily, so yes! For example, washed cotton and linen are easy to fold! Washed cotton and linen are washed after the pants are made, similar to denim. So suitable for casual style! Pants that are not afraid of folds! Our cotton and linen are not washed after the pants are made, but in the fabric production process! After a complicated process, it makes it soft and keeps the advantages of hemp, and it is relatively drape, so it is suitable for a wider range of pants and skirts and the advantages of hemp are not lost! Therefore, two different grades and types of cotton and linen are formed.

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