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Is chiffon fabric elastic and easy to break?


  Is chiffon fabric stretchy? Is chiffon fabric ea […]


Is chiffon fabric stretchy? Is chiffon fabric easy to break? Chiffon is divided into ordinary chiffon and elastic chiffon, and ordinary chiffon has no elasticity.

Elastic chiffon is actually a kind of chiffon, which is also called georgette. It has the texture and breathability of chiffon. The fabric is thicker than ordinary non-stretch chiffon, and it has the characteristics of free stretch. The hand feels a little frizzy, which is the characteristic of chiffon. Ordinary chiffon fabrics are soft and elegant, and can be divided into silk chiffon and imitated silk chiffon. The artificial silk chiffon is made of polyester and belongs to the chemical fiber category. Silk chiffon and silk georgette are two varieties. The smooth and wrinkled silk yarn is real silk chiffon, and the rough and wrinkled silk yarn is real silk georgette.

Is chiffon fabric easy to break:
If you don’t pay attention, it’s easy to break. Chiffon clothes have a light, thin and transparent texture, a soft and flexible feel, a light and elegant appearance, good air permeability and drape, and it’s easy to wear and comfortable. It was scratched accidentally.

Chiffon fabric maintenance skills:
1. The thickly decorated chiffon is best to be placed flat in the closet, so that it is not easy to deform.
2. Do not touch water. If it is partially wetted, just soak and wash, and finally stretch and iron to avoid shrinkage.
3. Drain naturally after washing, do not wring out forcefully.
4. The chiffon dress that has been worn once cannot be placed in a plastic pocket, preferably in a fabric pocket, which is breathable and will not be contaminated with dust.
5. Chiffon clothes with sleeves should be hung on a hanger. Choose a hanger made of fabric, or wrap both ends of the hanger with a small towel, so that the sleeves are not easily deformed.
6. Pay attention to long distance when spraying perfume. So as not to leave a macula.

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