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Know the related introduction of knitted fabrics


  Knitting needles are used to form loops of yarn […]


Knitting needles are used to form loops of yarn or filaments, and then the loops are intertwined with each other. Due to the characteristics of the loop structure of knitted fabrics, the amount of yarn stored per unit length is large, so most of them have good flexibility. Knitted fabrics are divided into single-sided and double-sided. Knitted fabrics can be divided into two categories: weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics.

①Weft knitted fabrics are fabrics made by feeding yarns from the weft direction, bending the same yarn into loops and stringing each other. The most common sweater is weft knitted fabric.

②The stringing direction of warp knitted fabric loops is just opposite to that of weft knitting. It is a group or several groups of yarns arranged in parallel, which are fed in the warp direction, bent into a circle and stringed together.

Knowledge and characteristics of cashmere fabrics

What is the performance of cashmere fabric?

To analyze and identify the function of cashmere fabrics and accurately and reasonably apply them to clothing depiction is the basic knowledge that every painter needs to grasp. Otherwise, errors in fabric identification may cause problems in the depiction, manufacturing, wearing or washing of the entire clothing. The identification of clothing fabrics includes material identification, appearance feature identification and appearance quality identification of clothing fabrics. Investigation and identification of fabrics requires not only sight but also hearing, touch and even smell. For example, using the visual effect of the eyes to observe the luster and darkness of the fabric, the dyeing condition, the appearance thickness and arrangement, the texture and the appearance characteristics of the fiber, for example, the gloss of pure cotton cloth is generally good, but the appearance is not fine and clean, rough or even neps, wool and The polyester blended woolen cloth has a brighter luster and a shimmering color. The body bones are slightly harder but softer, and are outstanding with the addition of polyester content. Lack of softness and softness, the fabric is crisp. Flat and lubricating; using the tactile effect of the hand can feel the softness, lubricity, thickness, elasticity, cold and warm of the fabric and fiber, and can also measure the strength and elongation of the yarn in the fiber by hand.

Different fabrics have different functions such as breathability, moisture absorption, and warmth retention. For example, cotton fabrics have outstanding breathability and moisture absorption, comfortable to wear, and good warmth retention. It is the most ideal children's clothing fabric. When choosing fabrics, we must recognize the functional characteristics of cashmere fabrics such as breathability, heat preservation, moisture absorption, and static electricity, and then consider the shape of the fabric for its crispness, weight, hardness and drape. What kind of style and so on.

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