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Shirts of different fabrics show a different sense of luxury


The shirts on the market are roughly divided into forma […]

The shirts on the market are roughly divided into formal shirts and casual shirts. Formal shirts are used for commuting in the workplace, meeting guests, attending business events, etc. The color is single and mainly plain. There are many choices of colors and patterns for casual shirts. Casual shirts, sports shirts, and vacation shirts are all casual shirts. They are versatile and easy to wear. Shirt fabrics of different materials have significant differences in wearing experience.

   Found many shirt fabric shops. It is reported that the best-quality shirt fabrics currently on the market are bamboo fiber, linen, and silk, and cotton and polyester blends are the most common and the price is moderate.

  Bamboo fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, which is a kind of green eco-friendly fiber extracted from bamboo through high-tech means. It has the characteristics of antibacterial, antibacterial, moisture absorption and breathability. Shirts made of bamboo fibers can naturally restore smoothness after washing, and do not need ironing, which is very suitable for the fast-paced life of modern cities.

"The 50 pieces of broken card bamboo fiber and the 32 pieces of broken card bamboo fiber developed for autumn and winter are the two surfaces, which are our recent best-selling products. It feels soft and comfortable, has strong wrinkle resistance and does not ball." In other words, the broken card refers to the broken twill, which is a fabric weave. Simply put, the twill is not continuous. In addition to the twill weave, shirt fabrics also have three weaves: plain weave, jacquard and Oxford. At present, "Jialilong Textile" has cooperation with men's clothing brands "Victor", "Lilang" and "Hailan Home".

Shirt is a very worthwhile investment item for men. A good shirt can not only modify the figure but also show charm. The shirt fabrics in the store include cotton series, recycled fiber series, warm fiber series, and simulation silk satin fiber series. "We launch new products in two seasons each year. This time, for autumn and winter, we will launch thermal fiber fabrics containing wool fiber, cotton tencel, and velvet, which are not only good for warmth, but also elastic.

More and more men like to wear shirts. While enjoying the convenience brought by shirts, they are also pursuing whether the fabric has the effects of non-ironing, anti-perspiration, anti-bacterial and anti-fouling. Functional clothing has gradually become the leader in the field of clothing. Lead the China textile city market to a new level.

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