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What are the characteristics of polyester-cotton knitted fabrics?


What are the characteristics of polyester-cotton knitte […]

What are the characteristics of polyester-cotton knitted fabrics?

What is polyester-cotton knitted fabric? The characteristics of polyester-cotton knitted fabrics. As the name suggests, polyester-cotton knitted fabrics refer to fabrics made by blending polyester and cotton. It uses polyester as the main fabric and uses 60% polyester and 40% cotton blended yarn Textiles made of thread, polyester-cotton knitted fabrics have both the advantages of polyester and the benefits of cotton fabrics. This kind of fabric has good abrasion resistance regardless of whether it is dry or wet. Polyester-cotton knitted fabrics The size is very stable, the chance of shrinking is small, there is a three-dimensional effect, it is not easy to be wrinkled and it is easy to wash and dry. Although polyester-cotton knitted fabric inherits the strengths of polyester and cotton fabrics, the polyester fiber in polyester-cotton is a kind of hydrophobic This kind of fabric has a certain affinity to oil stains and it is easy to absorb oil stains. It is also easier to generate static electricity and absorb dust during the wearing process.

Polyester-cotton knitted fabric appeared in our sixties of the last century. It is a kind of chemical fiber fabric. Polyester-cotton knitted fabric is also what we often mention in our daily life. Its material is smooth and dyed. The color is also very good. The appearance of polyester-cotton knitted fabrics was a huge visual impact for people who were familiar with a single gray and dark color in the 1970s. Our friends who often buy shirts will know that there are many The fabrics of shirts will be marked with polyester cotton or cotton polyester. Although they are composed of cotton and polyester, they are two different fabrics. However, they are both polyester knitted fabrics and polyester-cotton knitted fabrics. The fabric is also popular with many friends because of its high strength, high elasticity, heat resistance and abrasion resistance.

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