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The difference between denim tr elastic and tc elastic


  The difference between denim fabric tr elastic a […]


The difference between denim fabric tr elastic and tc elastic, TR refers to polyester viscose fabric. TC is polyester-cotton fabric. TR is suitable for suits and trousers. TC can be used as a shirt.

T is Polyester and R is Rayon rayon (viscose).

It means that the polyester (Polyester) component accounts for more than 60% of the blended yarn or fabric blended with rayon (Rayon).

Usually used to make suits.

Polyester and rayon blended fabrics are strong, wrinkle-resistant, dimensionally stable, bright colors, strong hair style, good elasticity, good moisture absorption, poor ironing resistance, and are not easy to generate static electricity, fluff and pilling
Both water and machine wash are acceptable, do not brush, and air-dry on the reverse side.

The use and characteristics of TC fine twill fabric

TC fine twill fabric can be made into single-layer work clothes, which can be applied to: summer, spring, autumn;

TC fine twill fabric features: the fabric is relatively strong, breathable and sweat-absorbent; raised, all-process finishing, lower pilling level; softer than gauze and better skin feeling; almost no consideration for shrinkage, and the stain resistance level is almost the same as sweat-absorbent twill.

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