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What are the cotton viscose stretch fabrics?


  Cotton viscose elastic fabrics can be divided in […]


Cotton viscose elastic fabrics can be divided into interlaced cotton viscose elastic fabrics, blended cotton-nylon elastic fabrics and cotton viscose four-sided elastic fabrics according to the combined shape of cotton, rayon and spandex. Each variety is subdivided. Cotton viscose elastic cloth and viscose cotton elastic cloth are only different in terms of habit. The difference between the two depends mainly on the inside.

Interlaced cotton and viscose elastic fabrics are divided into two series: warp-direction cotton interlaced rayon elastic yarn and warp-direction rayon interlaced weft cotton elastic yarn. Regarding interlaced fabrics, it is usually customary to put the material in the warp direction at the top of the name, so the comparison is cautious. The name is to change the former into interlaced cotton viscose elastic cloth or interlaced cotton viscose elastic cloth; while the latter is called interlaced viscose cotton elastic cloth or interlaced viscose cotton elastic cloth. There are also two types of blended cotton viscose elastic fabrics. One is that the cotton content is higher than that of rayon. We call it blended cotton viscose elastic fabric or blended cotton viscose elastic fabric; the other is that the rayon content is higher than cotton content. We are accustomed to call it blended viscose stretch fabric or blended viscose stretch fabric. As for the cotton sticky four-sided stretch fabric, it is basically the same as the above method. Interlaced, cotton stretch yarn is warp yarn, rayon stretch yarn is weft yarn, we call it interlaced cotton viscose four-sided stretch fabric; blended fabric, the cotton content is higher than rayon content, we call blended cotton viscose four-sided stretch fabric, and vice versa It is called blended viscose cotton four-sided stretch fabric.

Each kind of cotton and viscose elastic fabric has different structural characteristics. As a producer, we treat it with a cautious attitude. The title is not the most important to us. The internal structure and production process are the focus of our attention. Strictly speaking, the cotton viscose elastic fabrics are still more than the above types. The warp and weft can cross alternative yarns, and there are more styles. Therefore, we can not stick to the name of the development and innovation of cotton viscoelastic fabrics. , As long as the skills are approved and the fashion needs are met, any development can be done.

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