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What is the difference between cotton and cotton?


  What kind of fabric is cotton spandex? The diffe […]


What kind of fabric is cotton spandex? The difference between cotton spandex and pure cotton? Cotton spandex fabric refers to a mixed woven fabric of cotton and spandex. Such a fabric has the advantages of cotton and has a certain degree of elasticity. Generally spandex accounts for 3% of the entire fabric. Between ~10%, cotton and spandex fabric is commonly known as Lycra. It is soft, comfortable, elastic and not easily deformed. It is the preferred fabric for intimate clothing.

The difference between cotton and cotton: To put it simply, it is more sweat-absorbent, but it is easier to fade and deform. Now cotton and Lycra fabric not only absorbs the advantages of pure cotton, but also avoids the easy change of cotton after washing. The shortcomings of hard wearing and uncomfortable avoiding the shortcomings of fading and deformation after washing in the washing machine, this may be the cotton-based material you are talking about, but it is recommended to use cotton clothing to contact private parts, which is less susceptible to infection. .

Among many high-end products, elastic spandex fiber not only shows good elasticity, but also has high strength, large elastic modulus, and good recovery. In recent years, it has become popular all over the world. The fabric woven by it is soft and elastic, and can significantly improve the wearing comfort and the added value of the product. If the high-grade knitted fabric blended with spandex bare silk and rayon fiber is used in combination, the performance of the two fibers can be fully brought into play, complementing each other, and icing on the cake.

The clothing made of this fabric has many characteristics such as high elasticity, lightness, comfort, moisture absorption, breathability, smoothness, and easy care. It is a high-tech product suitable for human body developed according to human body shape and skin characteristics. Its performance is ordinary fabric Unmatched, the added value of the product is quite high, and it has been popular in the market for many years. However, artificial cotton has a loose structure, low crystallinity, low orientation degree, large amorphous area and dye absorption capacity; and the wet strength is half of the dry strength, and it is easy to dye flowers and break hair during the dyeing process. ; Knitted fabrics with spandex involved in weaving have the problems of dimensional stability, grammage and dyeing and finishing width processing coefficient difficult to control.

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