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Which is better, blended fabric or knitted fabric?


  Which is better, blended fabric or knitted fabri […]


Which is better, blended fabric or knitted fabric? Blended fabric and knitted fabric are not comparable because of different properties. Here is a brief introduction to you why blended fabrics and knitted fabrics are not comparable.

Blended chemical fiber fabric is a textile product made of chemical fiber mixed with other natural fibers such as cotton, silk, hemp and other natural fibers. Such as blended polyester and cotton yarn, blended polyester and nylon, blended wool and polyester, blended acrylic and wool... and so on. They only explain the composition of this yarn, not any other problems, let alone the pros and cons of fabrics made with it.

Knitted fabrics are fabrics formed by bending yarns into loops with knitting needles and stringing them together. Knitting is a weaving method and a process technology. Knitted goods are fabrics obtained by knitting production methods. This kind of knitted fabric can be woven with cotton yarn, wool, or any of the blends mentioned above. The three words "knitwear" do not indicate what kind of material it is woven from.

What are the characteristics of pure linen knitted fabrics

The linen jacquard jersey has strong anti-ultraviolet performance, high moisture absorption, fast moisture dissipation, and excellent thermal conductivity. It is dry and sweaty in summer, comfortable to wear and hygienic, and easy to wash and dry. Antibacterial, anti-mildew, deodorant, blood circulation and blood pressure reduction. The knitted pure linen jersey is more soft, close-fitting and easy to wear.

Linen jacquard jersey has the advantages that other fibers can hardly compare: it has good moisture absorption and ventilation functions, fast heat transfer and heat conduction, cool and stiff, sweating is not close, light texture, strong, insect-proof, mildew-proof, low static electricity, The fabric is not easy to be polluted, the color is soft and generous, rough, suitable for excretion and secretion of human skin.

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