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What is the difference between rayon and rayon?


  What is the composition of rayon? What is the di […]


What is the composition of rayon? What is the difference between rayon and rayon?

Viscose filament is called rayon, or rayon for short
Rayon is a silky man-made fiber composed of cellulose, which is an organic compound that constitutes the main component of plants. Because it is a cellulose fiber, many properties are the same as other fibers such as cotton and flax fibers. Such fibers are tooth-shaped.

Viscose rayon fiber is a medium and heavy fiber with average to good strength and abrasion resistance. It has hydrophilic properties (11% moisture regain). This fiber can be dry cleaned, and it can also be washed under good care. Generate static electricity or pilling phenomenon, the price is not expensive.

The end use of rayon is in clothing, interior decoration and industrial fields (such as: women's tops, shirts, underwear, jackets, hanging fabrics, pharmaceuticals, non-woven fabrics, sanitary products, etc.).

Viscose staple fiber is called artificial cotton, or rayon for short

Cotton-type viscose staple fiber, which is chemically processed and spun from natural polymer compounds such as cellulose or protein. Its specifications are similar to cotton fibers. The length is generally 35mm. The fineness is 1.5 to 2.2dtex. It can be spun purely on a cotton spinning machine or blended with cotton or cotton-type synthetic fibers (such as polyester, nylon, etc.).

Artificial cotton is a cotton short fiber spun from natural cellulose. Mainly viscose staple fiber. Its characteristics are good dyeability, high brightness and fastness, comfortable wearing, resistance to dilute alkali, and moisture absorption similar to cotton. The disadvantage is that it is not acid resistant, has poor resilience and fatigue resistance, and low wet mechanical strength. It can be spun purely or blended with chemical fibers such as polyester.

In a broad sense, rayon is not only cellulose, but also includes many other chemical fibers, which is another matter.

Cotton and rayon are both cellulose, and the composition is the same as starch. The difference is that the molecular weight is larger. Rayon is made by dissolving cellulose in a solvent and spraying it from a very thin nozzle to form filaments, similar to spider silk. So burning is indistinguishable, mainly by the feel. The rayon should be smoother.

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